86 percent of . . .?

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The existence of a thing (anything really) is not indifferent to the manner of its measurement. The 100-days methodology (also known as the “rapid results approach”) is an increasingly popular method for improving performance within large organisations and multi-sectoral partnerships, which utilises specially structured, 100-day goals to accelerate change and capacity development.

But to be told almost out-of-the-blue that Government’s efforts in this respect has recorded an average performance rate of 86 percent is rather shifty.

86 percent of….?
It is probable that Cabinet had its own hard targets for the elapsed 100 days, but the public has not been properly appraised of these targets.
86 percent is A-grade by any standards.

So we want to know what measurements has the Government graded itself an A.
One of those hard targets for the 100 days was certainly not the cash shortages. Certainly not!

And another couldn’t have been the fiscal deficit.
Another still couldn’t have been Air Zimbabwe (or Zim Airways, or whatever they may want to call it).

But the Government certainly has been pushing the ‘Zimbabwe is open for business’ agenda very well. Billions of dollars in investment pledges have been made, and we can expect a lot for the economy going forward.

Nonetheless the 86 percent success rate is still rather ambiguous in our minds.
But perhaps that is our own fault.

Deliverables are the measurable end result of a ‘project’ as spelled out by the project itself. In this case we should have simply asked about the specific deliverables of the 100 days.
It’s our fault.

Perhaps it’s been that much of a bad week, but we didn’t find anything particularly twinkling.

Anyway we are in a good mood and we will pick something, just to be kind.
The Zimbabwe Stock Exchange boosted its market capitalization by over $1 billion, so that’s good. It shows that investor confidence in the local economy is high in view of the dominance of foreign participation on the local bourse. And that’s a positive sign in view of Government’s foreign direct investment and re-engagement drive.
Perhaps that’s the 86 percent!

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