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About National Tyre Services Limited Auto tyres Zimbabwe director Benson Samudzimu

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The origins or roots of National Tyre Services Limited date back to 1926. From that time a number of company mergers took place, notably in October 1961 and again in November 1963.

In September 1969 National Tyre Services became a public listed company on the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange. It is the largest retailer in Zimbabwe of new tyres and tubes, (Imported and locally manufactured).

The other main activity is re-lugging of agriculture and earth moving tyres and the procurement of truck tyres for the Zimbabwe Transport Industry.

NTS is the only retreader in Zimbabwe that uses the NDI technology.

The Non-Destructive Inspection (NDI) process inspects the inside of the tyre with Ultra Sonic Sound Waves, and can, therefore, discover faults to the casing not visible to the naked eye.

“Suspect” casings are eliminated which significantly lowers on-road tyre breakdowns and improves the fleet’s overall cost per kilometre.

The NDI machine ensures that your casings have the integrity to withstand another life as a retread.

NDI tested Bandag retreads not only ensure the safety and uptime of your fleet but also prove the reliability and commitment you can expect from Bandag.

NTS has 16 retail outlets situated throughout the country with 5 of these being located in Harare.

The Head Office is based in Graniteside at the corner of Cripps and Seke Roads. The re-lugging factories are in Harare and the retreading factories, for the procurement of truck tyres, are in Harare and Bulawayo.

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