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Robert Gonye
Once in a while we need to infuse and boost our teams and even ourselves. It goes without say that our nation and people and teams go through a lot in life, and sometimes life by design will swing either way, what matters at the end of the day is how do you resolve to soldier on in the middle of any storm, setback or  impediment.

The big book of life states that, your success in life is not determined by how you fall, rather how many times you get up when you fall. I need you to prioritise your self-image, self-worth and self-confidence if you are going to make it anywhere in life.

How then do we become confident in a world with over 7 billion people as a population? You’re bound to run into one or two that do something better than you do. It’s a complicated situation, too. Good or bad? No, it’s a little of both.

Competition can drive you to be a better version of yourself. Or, it can break you when you’re down. If you don’t know how to be confident, then you’re at a greater disadvantage.

The truth? You don’t quit competing and try building your own confidence, instead here are a few tips to remain confident and appreciate yourself and love you in 7 ways

No comparisons

Did you know that competing with others gives you a false sense of security? The reason? Because you’re not focusing on yourself or your own achievements. Compare yourself to no one, because no one is you! There’s only one way to appreciate your true self.  Measure your skills and abilities only against your past performance. When you can do that, you won’t need to compare yourself to anyone else.

Then, you’ll see true personal growth.

Strive for good, not perfection

The old philosophical proverb states,  “don’t let perfect be the enemy of the good”, it applies here . – learn to accept your good qualities and abilities.

Even if they’re not as good as you’d like. There is no sense in working hard for something only to throw it away over a flaw.  Chances are, if you’re working at it, then you’re good the way you are. Not perfect, but no one is! Make a decision to embrace yourself, despite the flaws.

Count the ways

Listing things is great. Not only for categorising, but also for remembering. The act of writing things down is beneficial for memory.

You need that for your self-confidence. In fact today, make a numbered list of your best qualities. Expand the list with details and examples. Now, post that note in clear view. Every time you look at it, you’ll remember your value. Even if you don’t read it!

Focus on learning

Nothing builds confidence like learning. Expand your knowledge on a topic you already know or learn something new! Taking one course at a local Institute can be great for building knowledge you already have. Finishing a degree can build confidence in your career. You’ll see the results in your job performance.

The more confident you feel in your work, the better you fit into your role. You might even feel confident enough to ask for a salary increase.

Learning something new is great, too. You can work on a hobby or a new career. Expanding your hobbies and interests makes you more interesting.

New topics to talk about makes you more confident in social situations.

A new career can freshen up your life. Learning a job that you’ve always dreamed of will build your self-worth. You’ll feel confident that you can complete tasks you set out to do.

Face your fears

How does facing your fears build self-confidence? You feel stronger, both mentally and physically. You feel like you can take on greater challenges, after.

Take a fear of heights, for example. If you conquer that fear, you can do more things. You can climb mountains, walk across bridges. Or, take it slow by looking out over a beautiful city from the top of an office building.

In fact, think of your fears as limitations to motivate you. Face them to do great things and you’ll build confidence. Taking on a challenge that scares you builds perseverance, too. Nothing makes a person feel more confident that getting through something tough!

Take care of your body

There are three ways you must take care of your body. Diet, exercise, and emotional health. All three are significant in keeping your confidence level high. Eating right affects more than your weight. It can affect your mood and energy levels, too. To feel your best, you need to eat a healthy diet.

Exercise affects you in the same areas as your diet.

But, you need exercise for one more reason: mental health. You do it, you feel good. It’s that simple.

A consistent, challenging exercise programme sets you up for success. Setting and achieving exercise goals builds confidence over time. Watch your body get stronger, you’ll feel pride in your accomplishment!

Set goals

Speaking of setting goals, you should set some outside the gym too. You need goals in both your personal and professional life. Set short term goals for those things you can achieve within a year.

You can start and see progress in a short time.

Here are some examples:

Diet and exercise changes

Weight loss

Becoming more social

Learning a new skill or hobby

Reducing clutter

Home maintenance tasks

Set long term goals for things that take more than a year.

You can plan yearly milestones, but it takes longer to achieve these.

Here are things that you might consider:

Buying a house

Finishing a degree

Going on a dream holiday

Write down your goals, too! Grab a pen and paper to start your list. Or, get a calendar and mark dates for more accountability. Each time you achieve a goal, check it off. Your confidence grows with each new accomplishment.

Start building self confidence, today!

Old habits die hard, and they take time to change. But, correcting your low self-confidence is worth it. Learn how to be confident to live better. See you next week!

The views given herein are solely for information purposes; they are guidelines and suggestions and are not guaranteed to work in any particular way.

Robert Gonye is a Business Growth Expert and Influencer. He writes in his personal capacity. Comments and views: [email protected]

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