Bridal Veil Falls: Falling in love with nature

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Bridal Veil Falls: Falling in love with nature Bridal Veil Falls, Chimanimani

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Tawanda Musarurwa
There can be no question that Zimbabwe is a beautiful country. Dress her in a wedding gown and she is more than perfect!This is the sort of picture you get when you visit the Bridal Veil Falls in Chimanimani.

These beautiful Falls lie near Chimanimani Village at the southern end of the Eastern Highlands on a tributary of the Nyahodi River.

The question that boggles my mind is: Who names these things? “Bridal Veil Falls”. How stunningly appropriate. The sight of the Falls is simply breath-taking.

If I hadn’t been told its name beforehand, I know I would have somehow associated it with nuptials.

The Falls are made up of a constricted flow of water that rapidly expands from a narrow point at the top to a wide, lacy veil below. At the bottom of the Falls a small shallow pool is formed and although the water tends to be very cold (Chimanimani climate and all) tourists can use it as a swimming pool.

Arguably one of the most attractive Falls in the country, the Bridal Veil Falls spectacularly cascade 50 metres into an accessible pool.

Locals said during the large part of the year, the pool tends to be crystal clear and very much conducive for swimming, but arriving there in the middle of the rainy season we were rather unfortunate as the waters were muddy as a result of the excessive run-off this time of the year.

The Falls are a relatively easy five kilometre walk, or a short drive from the Chimanimani Village.

It’s not just the heavy wedding analogy that is at play here, but the Bridal Veil Falls is also a perfect picnic site for lovers on the manicured grass (I’m not sure if this is human or natural, it’s just too perfect).

The pristine environs and the serene atmosphere around the Bridal Veil Falls make it an ideal spot for wedding proposals and engagement photos.

And for the very bold, actually staging a wedding ceremony there would be an interestingly unique concept.

The forests surrounding the falls also offer a chance for the visitor to go hiking.


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