CABS once again partners with HIFA

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CABS once again partners with HIFA

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The Harare International Festival of the Arts recently held a Press conference on their 6-day annual festival and workshop programme at the National Gallery of Zimbabwe.
HIFA showcases the very best of local, regional and international arts and through theatre, dance, music, circus, street performance, fashion, spoken word and visual arts.

It will take place from the 1st to the 6th of May 2018 under the theme We Count.
There has been a great involvement of business corporations in supporting the arts sector. Their participations has generated revenue and employment and the HIFA is a living proof of how the art sector is growing through the success of such shows.

Several prominent corporations have been partnering with HIFA and among these is CABS.

During a Press conference hosted in the National Gallery of Zimbabwe’s Sanctuary Café, the CABS Deputy Managing Director, Mr Mehluli Mpofu announced that it will once again partner with HIFA working together to alter lives in Zimbabwe and the rest of the continent.

Mpofu further stated “HIFA gives artists the opportunity to showcase their talent while celebrating everyone’s love for the art and humanity as a nation.”

During the Press conference one of the speakers stated that over 30 to 40 directors from other local and international festivals will be present and this will be an opportunity for them to choose which Zimbabwean artists they will be interested in incorporating into their own festivals.

There are many ways in which an organisation can connect with the rest of the community through arts and partnering in such events is one of them.

As one of the country’s largest mortgage lenders which has been in service for the past 70 years, CABS has been financing low cost housing projects and has since begun selling serviced stands in Pumula South suburbs, Bulawayo.

The continued cash crises in Zimbabwe have made CABS create an alternative plan to help address the problem. The introduction of Point of Sale machines, mobile and internet banking and a mobile app will make it convenient for people who do not have cash to use as a means of payment throughout the festival.

HIFA plays a significant role in the personal development of people and the interrelation of society.

As people gather celebrating all different forms of art, the event acts as a voice to the voiceless and serves to educate the rest of the society on the social, economic and political aspects of the community. They also contribute towards inspire and motivate change.

The festival serves to unite social and cultural contrasting groups of Zimbabweans through various entertaining activities.

The festival will be celebrating its 19th year since its launch in 1999.
According to Perloff (2012) corporations support art as they are citizens of the same public; and since a healthy citizenship is good for business, it becomes a win-win situation on both ends.

CABS’s continued support of the local arts organisation present in the society ensures the survival of a strong community ecosystem while at the same time raising its own profile in the business community. There is increase in employment as over a thousand people are incorporated towards the preparation and the running of the show.

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