Dandemutande partners UAE-based Yahsat

12 Oct, 2018 - 00:10 0 Views

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Michael Tome
United Arab Emirates-based global satellite operator, Yahsat yesterday launched YahClick a satellite broadband service in partnership with Utande a subsidiary a local Internet service provider Dandemutande.

YahClick enables broadcasters, businesses, Government entities, and individuals to access quick and high performance broadband internet at their destination, no matter how remote.

The move is expected to intensify competition in the local Information and Communication Technology (ICT) sector with potential to lower internet services price across the board.

In urban areas access to reliable internet services is expensive, while internet penetration remains at 51,9 percent.

Underdeveloped ICT infrastructure is among factors that reduce economic growth by 2 percent annually, while cutting business productivity across the continent by as 40 percent.

Yahsat is a subsidiary of Mubadala, a United Arab Emirates government investment vehicle and has already set shop in some sub-Saharan African countries, including Nigeria, South Africa, Angola and Zambia.

Speaking at the launch, Yahsat director business development for Africa Kevin Viret said, introduction of YahClick is meant to up the country’s internet penetration for the better from the current 52 percent.

“Zimbabwe had potential for growth we want to grow the local ICT terrain for the better.

“We have 50 percent more power than the traditional satellite. The African continent doesn’t suffer from the lack of broadband or internet connectivity but it suffers from lack of a quality service that’s reliable and cost effective,” he said.

Recent reports show that Zimbabwe has the second most expensive mobile data in sub-Saharan Africa after Equatorial Guinea at $25 for one gigabyte.

Dandemutande chief executive, Never Ncube said the company’s technologies will allow the country to enjoy fast internet at affordable rates the cheapest package having been pegged at $33 for 5 gig of data.

YahClick uses the Ka-band powered by high throughput satellite spot beam technology on which Yahsat rides on to provide high performance broadband.


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