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Did you know? Dawn’s Blue Swallow Lodges at Troutbeck Resort

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Dawn Property Consultancy was established in 1977, and for more than 30 years, has been offering professional real estate services to Government, parastatals, corporates, institutional bodies, the financial services and the private sector.

The company’s services are tailor made to meet each client’s unique needs and to deliver value beyond expectations.

It also offers fully integrated property services through seamless working relationships in the pursuit of global standards to meet clients’ expectations with a portfolio straddling property sales and leasing; property management; research; project and development management and valuation advisory services.

The company pioneered ISO 9001: 2000 Certification (Quality Management System) in Real Estate within the region and the continent and is audited without qualification by A.J.A Registrars of South Africa.

Whether a client has one property or a portfolio of multinational locations, Dawn Property Consultancy’s offerings scale to meet needs and are able to achieve this through their proprietary data network which provides instant access to the local and global market knowledge and build cross-functional teams to work collaboratively on projects.

Dawn Property Consultancy also has a valuation advisory services division, which focuses on providing accurate, timely, supportive conclusions of value for all types of plant, machinery and equipment as well as land buildings and farms.

The department comprises of two main divisions which are plant and machinery and land, buildings and farms.

Plant and machinery is the specialist industrial plant, machinery and equipment valuation whilst the land, buildings and farms division aims to provide the most effective and accurate valuation services that are the cornerstone of best property practice and specialises in land and buildings valuations.

On 9 September 2003 Dawn Properties became the first VRLS investment property holding company to be listed on the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange.

Dawn Properties provides investors with an opportunity to invest in a collection of sought after hotel properties. The counter is not only a good inflation and currency hedge but also has the potential to generate strong cash flows and high yields.

The group is well represented in all major tourist destinations. Although the fact that the group has a predominant tourism exposure is of concern to some investors, it is equally important to note that it is a sector that never ceases to attract the attention of international investors even in hard times.

This probably gives the properties a premium ahead of other property classes such as industrial property, for example. Nevertheless, the Group has taken a view to further diversify the portfolio at the earliest opportune time.

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