Dissecting MDC Alliance’s SMART

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Dissecting MDC Alliance’s SMART Mr Chamisa

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The MDC Alliance fronted by Advocate Nelson Chamisa, last week unveiled its manifesto dubbed “Sustainable Agenda for Real Transformation” (SMART).

Refreshingly, the manifesto launch was beamed live on national television, a “first” for opposition parties in what is seen as a clear indication that tectonic plates in local politics have shifted since the departure of former President Robert Mugabe from the scene.
Adv Chamisa says the MDC Alliance pledges to create a socially just democratic transformative state with a humble and empathetic “God fearing and God loving leadership”.

He said if they win the July 30 polls, an MDC Alliance Government would repair infrastructure, which has degraded over the years.
At the same time, the MDC Alliance pledges to bring life to the manufacturing and agriculture sectors.

“Our roads have become death traps. The nation is in darkness and without light. We have a lot of missed opportunities and neglected advantages, having accumulated unnecessary and odious debt, and pursued happiness for the few and not the many.

“In the context of all this, the 2018 election presents an opportunity for Zimbabwe to turn a leaf from the dark ages of uncertainty and despair to a new dawn of hope, certainty and thought leadership,” said Adv Chamisa.

Interestingly, most of the pledges by the MDC Alliance are either in the ZANU-PF manifesto and/ or are already being implemented by President Mnangagwa.

For instance, in terms of infrastructure development, Government concluded the refurbishment of the Plumtree-Harare-Mutare highway and has begun dualising the road.
Serious work has started from Norton towards Bulawayo and from Harare towards Mutare.

Similarly, Government cancelled the Geiger International tender to dualise the Harare-Beitbridge Highway upon realising that the company did not have capacity to kick-start the project, over two years after being granted the tender.

Government has already opened negotiations with another firm, which is understood to be of Chinese origin which has constructed some spellbinding roads in other African countries.
In terms of bringing back activity in the manufacturing sector, Government is currently flooded with investment enquiries, which have now surpassed $16 billion since December last year.

This Wednesday, President Mnangagwa officially commissioned the $30 million Pepsi plant in Harare.

On June 7, the President had also commissioned Davipel Group’s $12 million milling and snacks plants.

In March, President Mnangagwa also commissioned the Nestle Zimbabwe’s new Cremora line setup at the cost of $500 000.

Other salient features of SMART

  • The MDC Alliance wants to implement the new constitution that was adopted in May 2013.
  • It also wants to combat corruption
  • Reform of state owned enterprises
  • Creating a consensus and highly consulting state
  • Devolution
  • Smart cities and towns
  • Establishment of strong institutions such as judiciary service
  • Professionalise civil service

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