Drug prices sky-rocket

19 Oct, 2018 - 00:10 0 Views

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Most pharmacies in and around the city have increased prices for medicines and they are not accepting any form of payment apart from United States dollars.

A survey conducted by The Herald revealed that most people who wanted to purchase medicines using medical aid, swipe and EcoCash were being turned away.

Most of the drugs such as Benlyn for flu were costing US$9, 4Cs US$6, Paracetamol US$1 while other drugs are selling for over US$300.

Comtrey antibiotic is now selling for $20, linctopent now costs $7 while the price of Cardura Oral drug, which is used in lowering high blood pressure in patients susceptible to strokes, heart attacks and kidney problems is now $30. The price of its alternative, Exforge, is now   $25.

Customers who spoke to The Herald castigated the increase in the prices of the drugs and the demand for payment in US dollars. “Where are we supposed to get US dollars to purchases drugs? The few pharmacies that are accepting EcoCash or swipe are ripping us off, for instance Benlyn for flu is pegged at 40 bond notes. This is unacceptable,” said one irate customer. — The Herald.

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