Farmers hail GMB for prompt grain payments

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Farmers hail GMB for prompt grain payments

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Chinhoyi – Farmers in Mashonaland West province, the country’s bread basket, have expressed delight at being paid promptly by the Grain Marketing Board (GMB) for grain deliveries in the current marketing season, which has just opened.

The national grain agency has set a maximum payment waiting period of a week, but farmers in Mashonaland West province said in some cases the GMB was paying them within 48 hours of crop delivery.

In the past, farmers shunned the GMB and sold their crop to private buyers because of inordinate payment delays of up to six months.

But the government, which is keen to mop up all grain – particularly  the staple maize crop – to help reduce costly drought-induced imports,  has adequately funded the GMB to pay farmers promptly this year.

In addition, farmers are being a 30 percent bonus for early grain deliveries.

Tichaona Mahosva, who is among farmers who have already delivered maize to the GMB in Mashonaland West, said he had been paid so promptly, he could not believe it.

He delivered 25 tonnes of maize, the country’s staple food.

“I’m very happy with the way I was paid my money by GMB this year, in a period of 48 hours I received all my dues from GMB. I have already delivered 25 tonnes of maize and I’m going to deliver some more to the board,” he said.

“I would like to urge my fellow farmers to sell their maize to the board because their system is extremely efficient this year.”

Another farmer, Albert Nyevhe said he is also happy with the payment turnaround times at GMB this year.

“This year is actually good for us farmers, GMB is very reliable. I delivered two and half tonnes of maize last week and my money reflected the day after I supplied my maize. Last year, was also better but I would like to believe that this year is the best,” he said.

Grain Marketing Board is paying $12 329.73 RTGS per tonne for maize,

$13 865.79 RTGS for traditional grains and $17 211.74 per tonne for soya beans.

These prices were

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