Govt working on cleaning up Zinara rot

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Govt working on cleaning up Zinara rot

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HARARE – Government will not hand over the collection of vehicle licence fees back to local authorities but will  instead strengthen management systems at the Zimbabwe National Road  Administration (Zinara) to curtail leakages, a Cabinet Minister has said.

Local authorities, who previously collected the vehicle licence fees,  have often accused Zinara of unfair allocation and misusing funds  collected from motorists.

After collecting the fees, Zinara disburses the money to local  authorities for road rehabilitation and maintenance projects, but  councils have often argued that the money disbursed to them was  inadequate.

Transport and Infrastructure Development Minister Joel Matiza said a  new Zinara board, put in place in January this year, was working on  stamping out the corrupt handling of funds at the cash rich parastatal.

The new board was appointed following the dissolution of the Wilfred  Ramwi-led board last year, which was accused of covering up corruption  at Zinara.

This has prompted fresh calls for Zinara to be stopped from collecting  vehicle licence fees.

But, Matiza said: “Reverting back is not the solution, the solution is  to make sure that we address the issue of management (at Zinara).”

“The issue is of management. Once management is proper and systems are  in place bad things will not happen.”

Matiza, who was appearing before the Parliamentary Portfolio Committee  on Public Accounts, said the new board was seized with ensuring  accountability in the use of funds.

“We are looking at it with a view of making sure that leakages are not  there, and that we are not prejudiced as Zinara,” he said.

“If you give us time so that our systems get some gestation you will  see some results.”

Zinara took over the collection of vehicle licence fees in 2010 after  noting that councils were not utilising the funds on road development  programmes.

A vehicle licence fee is a fee charged on a certain class of vehicle as  described by the Vehicle Registration and Licencing Act. – New Ziana

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