Grain deliveries top 1,1m tonnes

19 Oct, 2018 - 00:10 0 Views

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Zimbabwe will not import maize as it has become food secure, with farmers having so far delivered 1,1 million tonnes to the Grain Marketing Board for the 2018 marketing season, thanks to the successful Command Agriculture programme.

GMB officials said they expected the delivered maize to reach 1,2 million tonnes as farmers continue to bring the grain to the depots.

GMB general manager Mr Rockie Mutenha said they were paying farmers for grain delivered within a week.

“We have received 1 111 809 tonnes of maize from farmers since the beginning of the marketing season on April 1 and are expecting to reach 1 180 000 tonnes,” he said.

“During the same period last year, GMB had received 1 091 349 tonnes of maize. Our maize stock were 1 314 383 tonnes of maize including the Strategic Grain Reserve.” — The Herald.

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