Hippo Valley’s Mhere scoops Chartered Secretary of the year

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Hippo Valley’s Mhere scoops Chartered Secretary of the year

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Pauline Mhuka

HARARE – Hippo Valley Estates Acting Chief Executive officer, Aiden Mhere, has been proclaimed the 2017 Chartered Secretary of the year.

Hippo Valley has the overall responsibility for Tongaat Hullet business in Zimbabwe.

Mr Mhere last year championed and succeeded in putting together the commercial framework that led to the evolution of the Fuel Ethanol Company of Zimbabwe Company of Zimbabwe, which is the second largest fuel ethanol producer in Zimbabwe.

Fuel Ethanol Company of Zimbabwe was incorporated in June, 2017 and started trading in August the same year.

The company is a private-public partnership in which the government through the National Oil Company of Zimbabwe holds 50 percent of the equity.

The company is highly productive and empowers local sugarcane farmers.  It has molasses which are purchased for feedstock in ethanol production. And the company contributes Zimbabwe’s foreign currency reserves by way of import substitution.

Mr Mhere has a passion for community development.

Furthermore he contributes to society through education, sports and economic empowerment initiatives.

Moreover, Mr Mhere is in the process of setting up formal structures to establish an education foundation.

The foundation is set to be in place by the end of 2019.

At Hippo Valley Estates, Mr Mhere has the overall responsibility for running key business operations.

He will provide the responsibility of running sugar production, ethanol plant and animal feeds factory in Triangle.

Additionally he will be in charge of estate’s marketing and procurement division, enterprise development division and livestock production unit.

The runner –up for the 2017 Chartered Secretary of the Year Award is Mrs Avilla Dororosa Goba, a fellow member and former president of ICSAZ.

She has master of Business Administration degree. Currently she is finalizing on her Doctorate in Business Administration with the University of Lusaka.

Besides she has over 35 years of extensive professional experience at different levels of supervisory management.

Mrs Goba is an expert in administration and human resources management.

In 2016 she chaired a number of regional meetings within the Communication Regulators Association of Southern Africa.

Thus in return has helped her deal with corporate governance issues at a regional level in member countries, including Zimbabwe.

Her mandate is to promote good leadership and the compliance expected in company secretarial practice.

Mrs Goba’s human resources skills accord to the recruitment and retention of people with critical skills at Potraz.

Potraz team engages her to be part of the team that worked on the construction of the authority’s headquarters.  Thus eliminating rentals costs.

Mrs Goba is a life member of the Jairos Jiri Association and vice-chairperson of the association.


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