ICAO issues compliance point against CAAZ

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The International Civil Aviation Authority Organisation (ICAO) has issued a compliance point against the Civil Aviation Authority of Zimbabwe (CAAZ) for lack of independence. CAAZ is the aviation regulator but it also runs all the airports in the country. According to ICAO this is against global best practices.

Transport and Infrastructure Development Minister Joram Gumbo said Government is addressing the anomaly and a Bill for the split of the aviation authority is now being finalised.

“There has been silence with regards to the matter because the Bill had to go through Cabinet and the Attorney General’s office. Now it has been submitted at Parliament which is expected to give the final verdict,” said Minister Gumbo.

An official at CAAZ said the initiative to unbundle the authority is about best practice and good corporate governance.

“Our set up does not comply with best practice as the regulator and the activities it oversees are in the same organisation which is not best practice. ICAO then issued a compliance point against the authority for lack of independence.’

“Therefore this initiative is about best practice and good corporate governance yet there has been a culture to delay and frustrate the process by certain players over self-interest. This is why this process has been ongoing since 2014 in a veil of secrecy between Government through the authority’s parent Ministry and CAAZ officials,” said the official who preferred anonymity.

The official added that the World Bank is expected to fund this initiative. Information says the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure Development have been locked in discussions with the World Bank’s Consultants since 2014 in trying to find a way to conclude the process.

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