Kwese iflix active users top 1,2 million

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Kwese iflix active users top 1,2 million

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HARARE – Kwese Iflix which took Zimbabwe by storm during the FIFA World Cup is now the country’s largest television platform with more than 1.2m active account holders.

The figures were revealed by Econet Wireless Zimbabwe CEO Mr Douglas Mboweni as he launched a new promotion aimed at pushing for even more customers.  

Mr Mboweni said that Kwese Iflix was probably the largest streaming service of its kind in Africa already and is not showing signs of slowing down.

“Streaming is the future of television particularly here in Africa,” he said. The number of people watching television daily on Kwese Iflix is growing in leaps and bounds and Mr Mboweni said traffic recorded on the network suggested that at least three people are using each account.

“We could have as many as three million viewers on Kwese Iflix here in Zimbabwe alone. Reports from other African countries like Nigeria, Tanzania, Kenya and Ghana suggest they are seeing similar growth as us here in Zimbabwe,” he said.

He could not comment further on other markets outside Zimbabwe as he is not empowered to speak about Kwese Iflix in those markets. 

Econet Wireless Zimbabwe has more than 4, 6 million 3G/LTE phones connected to the network.

One of its key advantages is its huge data networks as well as Wi-Fi hotspots which allow people to watch Kwese Iflix. 

The Kwese Iflix “$1m Promotion” will encourage customers to download and use the platform in order to win prizes which will be announced on a weekly basis for the next three months.

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