Precious Marange: The rugby, cricket juggernaut

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Precious Marange: The rugby, cricket juggernaut

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Chipo Sabeta
Her life story reads like a fairy tale, emerging from humble beginnings to a chapter of odds-defying heroics in Zimbabwean sport.

If someone told you 16 years ago that your regular house help would one day become the captain of two national sports teams in different disciplines within in a calendar year, you would think that the bearer of such bizarre tales has gone round the bend.

But this is precisely the story of Precious Marange.

Sixteen years ago Marange was a house maid, very hard working and proud of her work. She later got a job at a local steel company — Mitek Zimbabwe — where she is currently employed.

Today, she is the captain of both the Zimbabwe national women’s sevens rugby team and the Lady Cheetahs, and a few weeks ago she led her rugby troops to a silver cup finish at the Hermanus Women’s Rugby Sevens in the Western Cape.

Not so long ago, she was the captain of the Zimbabwe national cricket team and for a while she has played for both the rugby and cricket team.

Marange has proved modest backgrounds can never deter a determined spirit.

The struggles of Zimbabwean sports people are an immense struggle between representing your country with valour while trying to make a living.

For Marange, it is even harder as a woman who not only has to raise her six-year-old son, but work, train and represent both disciplines for meagre allowances.

Maintaining a work life balance requires a supportive husband, one that Marange is blessed with.

Marange, who is now 36 had her T20 international debut in 2013 in Tanzania after having played for Takashinga Cricket Club, Mashonaland Province in 2005.

Having worn the all red for the cricket team, the aggressive and super fit Marange developed a thirst for an even more daring sporting challenge.

“I developed an interest in rugby in 2008 and the last 11 years in the sport have been amazing. I found myself playing for Harare Sports Club and I have remained loyal to my home club and the national team.

“It’s an honour for me to represent my country in two different sports at the highest level. Not so many people are privileged enough to do that, some find it difficult to be selected for one discipline and I have two,” said Marange.

In sports and in life, humility is in short supply. Everywhere we look, we are faced with people who seek the spotlight. Competitors are quick to take credit when things go right.

However, Marange’s humility is refreshing.

It’s quite commendable and how she has been an unsung hero of very few words and a lot of action on the field — she is among many thing fearless and daring and has been known to also play full contact rugby and cricket with men.

“I have my heart and passion in sport, all I wanted to see was how far I could possibly go since all these two sports need serious physical fitness and conditioning.

“They always said that these are men’s games and I never listened to any of that, I put myself to the test and treat every opponent as the next,” she said.

This year she scooped the Daring Sports Woman of the Year accolade at the Sports Queen Awards in Harare.

Marange will lead Zimbabwe in the third edition of the Kwese Sevens tournament at Harare Sports Club.

The adage, “a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”, best describes Marange’s journey as one of the most influential women in Zimbabwean sport.

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