Premier takes service to the people

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Premier takes service to the people Mr Choga

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Bulawayo. — The recently ended Zimbabwe International Trade Fair proved what many industry players have been aware of for a while now: PSMAS is back in business!

From the top notch display that secured a record fourth straight medal from the organisers, to the unique offering that was served up by the Premier Lifestyle programme, PSMAS came to the party and delivered fully.

This year the Society went with an open plan display that emphasised member engagement, allowing members to come in, sit and share their views on the direction that the 88-year- old medical aid society is taking.

PSMAS this year chose to focus on engaging with members as the Society has placed itself firmly on the path back to glory days.

With full input from the PSMI units, and the Premier Lifestyle programme, which passed the 33 000 member mark at ZITF, PSMAS presented the best that medical aid has to offer.

“We are now fully focused on delivering top notch service to our members and total support to our service providers,” the PSMAS Public Relations Manager Arthur Choga said.

“We have moved into a brighter phase of the Society and we are now consolidating relations with our service providers, many of whom have continued to see our members even in our darker days. The service providers represent a key stakeholder and we want to appreciate them for standing with us and providing service to our members,” he said.

Speaking on the sidelines of the exhibitions, PSMAS Managing Director Mr Tendai Kapumha said the Society was now geared for growth and was ready to engage will all comers who shared a similar vision.

“We are very clear in our vision, to generate the necessary change in the healthcare industry by providing members with cost effective quality healthcare and products.

“This sums up our work. We began the changes internally with restructuring and coming up with a strategy, and now we are pushing for the improvement of service for our members by promoting and living positive corporate management,” he said.

PSMAS has entered into far reaching positive partnerships in the last year alone. First, they joined the Deloitte Tip Offs Anonymous platform, signalling a change in corporate direction into a more open and engaging organisation.

They then created the highly popular Premier Lifestyle, a wellness programme that is sure to change the face of the fight against non-communicable diseases in Zimbabwe.

PSMAS came up with Premier Lifestyle in order to tackle the spread of “lifestyle diseases”. These are non-communicable diseases that can be prevented by making the right choices.

Obesity, Type 2 diabetes, stress, high blood pressure can all be prevented by making conscious lifestyle choices including choosing the right diet and the exercising.

Arthur Choga said the wellness programme was set to change the healthcare landscape.

“We are certainly delighted by the phenomenal growth of Premier Lifestyle and we believe that it means that we have delivered a product that people were waiting for.

“We are encouraging our members to enrol with this programme as it is life changing. The benefits of living well are impossible to evaluate, but they are worth every effort we make.

“PSMAS is very encouraged by the support that we have received for Premier Lifestyle from members, member organisations and from organisations we are partnering in to ensure a complete wellness package.

“Innovation is a way of life for us, and we will continue to come up with products that are sensitive to the needs of our members and society and that contribute to the well-being of the nation.”

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