Rustic elegance of Wagon Orchard

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Rustic elegance of Wagon Orchard

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Enacy Mapakame
With the festive season fast approaching, family holiday trips, parties and corporate events such as end of year parties begin to take centre stage.Outside the common tourism and travel fare that Zimbabwe has to offer (and it’s a lot), let me draw your attention to Wagon Orchard.

Nestled in the Arcturus area, 7 kilometres out of Harare and off Shamva Road, Wagon Orchard is an ideal place for a well-deserved break.

The location itself offers one a relaxed atmosphere out of the noise from the city life, enjoying the peace and tranquillity it offers while watching wildlife from the gardens.

But it’s the accommodation that stuns. It’s a renovated farmhouse, but it seems to have retained that classic, rustic elegance.

Farmhouses are the epitome of country living, and this particular farmhouse design is absolutely gorgeous.

A fusion of modern style in a typical country set up gives the place a relaxed and classy feel.

The Wagon Orchard farmhouse’s decorating is warm, cozy, relaxing and full of charm and character.

Notwithstanding its modern sensibilities, the place takes you back to a simpler time.

Initially used as a family home, the farm house has since been developed into a high end market lodge also offering weddings, parties and other corporate events venue.

Holiday makers can book as individuals, or groups, depending on the nature of the holiday. The lodge allows holiday makers to do their self-catering while there is an option to have meals prepared by in-house chefs.

The kitchen has modern kitchen utensils while a mini-bar inside the house adds to the extras at the place.

For weddings, the lodge has a make-up room which can also accommodate fitness fanatics keen to take to the gym always.

A touch of vintage, with rustic wood furnishings gives Wagon Orchard a classy look, both inside and outside with well-manicured gardens that provide a beautiful view of the farming area.

“This was our family home, but when we moved to the city, I decided to turn it into a lodge so that it would not just lie idle,” said founder and owner Abner Chapfika.

“I like vintage and recycling material for deco, which gives it a unique look,” she said during a visit to the premise.

Being located in a farm, Wagon Orchard affords holiday makers fresh vegetables from the farm, while they can also enjoy recreational activities at the dam within the farm.


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