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Shirishanu (Pvt) Ltd is a cutting-edge technology company specialising in superior software development services and equipment supplies in ICT, electronics and automation industries.

“We pride ourselves in superior customer service, knowledgeable and competent personnel.

Shirishanu was founded by innovative and passionate Zimbabwean engineers. Our goal is to become the technology partner of choice in Zimbabwe,” said the company in a statement.

Shirishanu is a company that has developed innovative technological solutions that include: case management information system solutions, the promoplus competition platform, education management systems, online membership systems or custom database creation and management, project management and time sheet software, online and mobile payment integration solutions among many projects the firm has been working on.

Shirishanu offers the best of its services to established businesses and start-up entities alike.

Being specialists in custom built software, also known as Bespoke Solutions, Shirishanu has excelled in digitising all types of organisations within Zimbabwe.

Of particular highlight are the outstanding contributions to the legal technologies in use within the country, through the Phoenix Case Management Information System.

The Phoenix Case-Management Information System

Our case management information system (CMIS), brand named Phoenix-CMS, has won awards within Southern Africa for being a leading driver in enhancing accessibility to justice.

It has enabled legal and human rights organisations to handle cases and investigations more efficiently and has paved the way for focused resource-expenditure wherever it has been implemented.

Organisations and bodies that handle matters of a legal nature are highly encouraged to engage with the Phoenix-CMS in their daily operations to boost productivity and be more results-focused, with statistics available in real-time.

The security and privacy standards implemented in the Phoenix-CMS, are internationally competitive, which ensures no unauthorised access of information and superior protection from external malicious actors. This is what gives our clients peace of mind, knowing their information is always going to be safe.

By way of example, use cases for the Phoenix-CMS can typically be within law firms, human rights organisations, anti-corruption bodies, legal clinics and legal aid organisations.

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