Sunny Yi Feng, now a regional player 

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Sunny Yi Feng, now a regional player  David Whitehead is Zimbabwe’s largest textile company

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Norton based Chinese firm, Sunny Yi Feng Tiles Zimbabwe Pvt Ltd, expanded its market base into the region exporting upto 70 percent of its tiles. 

The company is currently also producing over 40 000 pieces of cups and plates as well as 35 000 square metres of floor and wall tiles daily, according to officials. 

The company’s production lines are capable of producing both the high end market porcelain tiles and the ceramic one for the mass market. 

The 40 000 cups and plates are meant for the local market, while between up to 70 percent of the tiles are exported in the region with leading importers being South Africa, Kenya, Zambia, Mozambique, Malawi, Madagascar and Botswana. 

During a tour of the US$120 manufacturing plant on Tuesday facilitated by the public relations manager Leo Wang, translator Linda Ye and public relations officer Albert Mukumba, it merged the company has capacity to produce over 600 000 square metres of roofing tiles a month. 

However, it is yet to make full value of that capacity as they are still penetrating the market. 

Sunny Yi Feng (Pvt) Limited — employs nearly 1700 people in the manufacture of floor tiles, roofing tiles, bricks, cement pipes, cups, plates, wooden pallets and cardboard boxes. Among the employees are 150 Chinese engineers and technicians on a skills transfer programme. 

The firm has also ventured into latest version of the roofing tiles that are lighter than the concrete version and they are durable, and proofed for both sound and heat. The company has potential to become a one stop shop facility, even supplying toiletries such as bathing tabs, sinks among others. 

Sunny Yi Feng uses materials obtained locally, largely from Mazowe, Chegutu, Selous and Chakari and in some cases Mutoko areas.  

“At least 99 percent of the raw materials are obtained locally save for a few components from South Africa such as paper to make packaging materials and zirconium silicate and bentolite from Mozambique. 

“The company also employs unskilled, semiskilled and skilled employees some who have amassed invaluable skills for themselves,” said Mukumba.

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