The Lodge at the Ancient City

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The Lodge at the Ancient City

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Kudakwashe Mhundwa
Now, of the Great Zimbabwe ruins were the main reasons for your visit, then this should be your very next stop!
The lodge is quintessentially emblematic of the ruins.

Its Great Zimbabwe-esque stone work and its expertly-crafted chevron pattern of thrush weaving are extremely enticing, especially after having spent your day moseying around the real ancient monuments, having followed paths trodden by past kings and chiefs.

So what better way to relax than to encamp deliciously comfortable analogous royal ruin residence.
The Lodge at the Ancient City has 19 chalets nestled between rounded granite boulders. Masvingo is granite territory (which half-explains the stunning stonework that is Great Zimbabwe), and it explains too this granite-defined lodge, which desegregates seamlessly with the surrounding trees and boulders of the site, while providing exquisite views across the valley of Msasa towards the ‘ruins’ (I personally think we should stop calling them that, but then again I proffer no suggestions).

The lodge’s pool area is expertly and tastefully built around huge boulders of balancing rocks.
Dinner is served!

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