Yummy! Dairibord emerges as favourite yoghurt for 11-year-old Kelly-Anne

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Yummy! Dairibord emerges as favourite yoghurt for 11-year-old Kelly-Anne

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Happiness Zengeni
Just like any other school holiday, there is always that stress of what the children are going to eat all day. After burning fat, children will not only need something nourishing to eat but also something they can actually enjoy. The good thing is holiday time always coincides with some fruit if you stay in places with good orchards; peaches and mangoes in December, guavas in April and sugar cane and mulberries in August and September. But fruit alone is never enough!

From breakfast to dessert, yoghurt tastes great any time of day and is a favourite for children and adults alike. And another positive perhaps two, is that its nutritional value is beyond doubt and all sizes fall within reasonable budget from 30 cents to just below $10 for the biggest tub.

There’s a point to be made here! After all I am trying to review products to tuck in between an economic commentary on the heating competition in the dairy sector. But ultimately what will drive sales for dairy companies is if their products are desirable and make for pleasant tasting, never mind the investments they would have made in the value chain.

With that in my mind and with a confession that I have been mindlessly loyal to one yoghurt brand since form three, I did task 11 year old Kelly Anne Tawodzera to do a little tasting. Very few people have ever done intensive side by side tasting to determine which yoghurt brand or more specifically, which banana yoghurt brand is objectively the best. Now by way of disclaimer Kelly-Anne and myself are not related and therefore no one influenced her choice of yoghurt.

Kelly-Annes ratings and recommendations?

1) On number one was Dairibord’s banana-flavoured yoghurt. (150mls bought at Pick n Pay Avondale at 45c).

2) In second-place was Alpha Omega Diary’s banana version. (Same supermarketat 45c).

3) Dendairy’s ‘Halaal-certified’ banana yoghurt came in third position. (Teared of a six pack but much smaller — 100mls —  at 33c)

4) Kefalos’ ‘cultured’ yoghurt just didn’t make the grade, according to Kelly-Anne.  (Pick n Pay Avondale didn’t have the small packs so bought a bigger tub at $2,89)

Opinions differ! We did a survey in the newsroom and there were mixed feelings about which one is best. Kefalos according to Tinashe , Vimbai and Conrad is good on ice creams, but then again this wasn’t an ice cream survey while Taurai feels that some of the competitors price themselves out of the 50c  category.

Enacy loves Fruit Scoop but it’s not part of the review. No doubt there is choice available on the supermarket shelves now in the absence of foreign brands. Government’s local protection measures have done well for this sector.

Prices are still reasonable with the smallest tins starting from 33c to 60c. The focus as is being highlighted in the commentary is to improve on downstream efficiencies in order to lower the production costs.

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