Zim women to attend leadership summit

10 Jan, 2020 - 00:01 0 Views

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Chipo Chaumba

Zimbabwean businesswomen are looking to sharpen their business skills by attending this year’s edition of the Global Women Leadership Summit, set for Dubai in March.

The summit is expected to attract thousands of women from across the globe.

In an interview earlier on this week, organiser for the travelling delegation Reverend Abigail Magwenzi (who is also the founder and director of Red Lipstick Revolution) explained on the need for businesswomen to attend the summit.

“Our goal is to train women so that they become leaders in business. We want to see a number of women in equality, empowerment, and collective action for development. This sustains livelihoods in all communities where women must be leaders in the business sector ranging from Small to Medium Enterprises, home manufacturers of quality food stuffs and also as decision markers.

“Women have reached levels of equality but more needs to be done in all sectors of the economy. There is need to get into extreme marginalised areas and empower women with all the skills they need. Satisfying women’s needs and wants starts with us here.

“Dubai 2020 will nurture, impart and indoctrinate unique quality skills in women who must lead by example in communities. We are a step ahead for Dubai come 2020. There are mainly those values we want to carry like a flag. These are equality, empowerment, collective action, working together and sustainability,” Magwenzi said.

She added that key issues of the discussions will focus on cohesive skills in business, technical and operational skills, and social and life skills training.

Speaking to the Business Weekly, Ambassador Mary Mubi, Zimbabwe’s Commissioner General to the Expo 2020 in Dubai said the time had come for women to excel in the area of business.

Ambassador Mubi compared the Dubai up-coming conference to the Beijing Platform for Action of 1995 where women were elevated higher than ever before as guided by International instruments like the Convention on the Elimination of all forms of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW) of 1979.

“It is a big time event for women to rise and shine. Zimbabwe is already geared to show-case its entrepreneurial talents in all areas of development. We are therefore to lead by example, teach, train and impart skills in others. We are already far in terms of equality and empowerment. What is left is to reach our goals, vision and mission just close to us,’’ she said.

The Global Women Leadership Summit will bring together Global Leaders, professionals, entrepreneurs, business women and women leaders.

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