Zimbo’s WhatsApp Stickers app trends

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Zimbo’s  WhatsApp Stickers  app trends Edd Chitambo

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A Dubai-based Zimbabwean tech developer has come up with a mobile application that has revolutionised the way Zimbabweans (at least) communicate on WhatsApp.

His WhatsApp Stickers app is currently sitting at over 60 000 downloads and its getting popular day by day with downloads coming from all over the world.

The world’s most popular messaging platform WhatsApp recently introduced stickers and the developer Edd Tatenda Chitambo was quick to come up with an app with Zimbabwean themed stickers. The application contains over 100 stickers grouped in different packs. These sticker packs can be easily added to WhatsApp and be sent as messages.

There is the Flag pack which has cool Zimbabwean flags, Greetings pack with most common Zimbabwean greetings with Shona & Ndebele stickers included, there you will find stickers like “Ndeipi”, “Zvirisei”, “Ugrend”. There is also the meme pack which has most of the popular Zimbabwean memes. Other sticker packs include catchphrases, politics, religion and sports.

WhatsApp is arguably the most used way of communication in Zimbabwe and the beauty of these stickers is they allow people to express themselves without having to type.

Chitambo’s Stickers app has proved to be a hit as people are talking about it all over social media and its averaging an impressive 1 000 downloads per day with a 4,5 rating on Google Play Store.

The developer, Chitambo, is a Computer Science graduate who is a tech specialist in Dubai. He specialises in Web and App development and he is a tech fanatic. This is his most successful app but not his first. He has done other several apps in the past including an app with the 2018 World Cup Schedule. Chitambo has also other sticker apps to his name including the South African stickers app and the UAE stickers app.

The Zimbabwean Stickers app has also been getting lots of downloads from other countries like Nigeria and Kenya and Chitambo explained that it’s the Christmas and New Year stickers that attracted downloads from all over the world.

He plans to add more universal stickers like the recently added birthday stickers to cater for all the users of the app worldwide.

The app is now among the most popular applications developed by local developers and it’s just a matter of time before it reaches the 100 000 mark.

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